neuroneum is an outpatient neurological rehabilitation center aiming to sustainably improve the quality of life of children and adults with traumatic brain injuries and to support them in therapy, rehabilitation and reintegration.

The facility emerged from Kinderneurologie-Hilfe Frankfurt Rhein-Main e.V. under a new brand name in order to make the services known to a broader audience. The look and feel should stand out from the usual presentation of non-profit associations. The aim was to encourage all those affected.

After developing the new brand name, this resulted in the claim „Back to Life“ („Zurück ins Leben“) and a new, clear visual language that draws attention to this path. This was implemented on the club’s website and Social Media pages.

At the same time, neuroneum initiated a symposium at which top-class international speakers will delve into the topic. And later introduced sub-brands like neuroneum academy for advanced training of professionals in the field.

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